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Freedom Tile And Grout Cleaning

Possibly the most hated housekeeping chore in Los Angeles, CA. is scrubbing your tile, and grout. It seems like no matter how much we mop, or scrub our tile, and grout, it just never seems to look, or feel like it did when it was brand new. The main culprit here is the porous structure of the grout itself. If the original sealant that was applied when the grout was brand new, wears off, the pores begin acting like a sponge, soaking up anything that comes into it’s path. This can include, dirt, grime, detergent, household cleaners, food particles, bacteria, and other germ-laden substances that look, and smell quite badly.

It is at this point that most people begin to scrub, and mop their tile and grout, with even greater intensity, and frequency. Here at Los Angeles County Carpet Cleaning Experts, we have even had reports of people vigorously scrubbing their grout lines with a toothbrush. All this extra, and backbreaking effort, is not only useless, it can serve to make your grout lines even blacker, and more soiled, as all you have really done, is to add another layer of detergent, and grime to your already filthy grout line.

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The ironic part of all this scrubbing is that it usually happens most, when we need our tile, and grout to look it’s best. You could be having company over at your house, or maybe you are hosting a large dinner party at your restaurant. We all know how important first impressions are. No one is going to want to eat in a dining establishment that has filmy tile, and dirty, blackened grout lines.

Question: “How can Los Angeles County Carpet Cleaning Experts get my grout clean when I can’t, with all my constant scrubbing, and mopping?”

Answer: Our company makes use of heavy duty commercial cleaning equipment that, along with our industrial strength cleaning solutions, we use to get your tile, and grout the cleanest, and brightest that they have ever been. Once your tile, and grout lines have been thoroughly cleaned, your grout will be re-sealed by our professional tile technicians. This re-sealing will protect, and preserve the grout against dirty, grime, and detergent build up. You can spot clean, and mop, to keep your tile and grout in bright and shiny condition, and help to make the frequency between professional cleanings less often.

A professional cleaning, and grout re-sealing by our well-trained tile and grout technicians, will almost always suffice. In the rare event that your grout is too far-gone, we will have to replace it, and re-gout your lines. This new grout will of course be sealed to protect it, and to ease your future mopping sessions. Either way, Los Angeles County Carpet Cleaning Experts can professionally, and affordably, clean your tile, and grout to the brightness, and sheen it displayed when it was brand new. Make your floors, bathroom walls, and counter tops shine with beautiful clean tile and grout, and leave the scrubbing, and mopping behind.

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