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Freedom Upholstery Cleaning

Nothing is better than coming home after a hard day, and collapsing onto a soft, comfortable sofa, or recliner. Our family rooms are havens for relaxing. We can watch television, eat a snack, curl up with a good book, take a nap, relax with the family pet, cuddle with a special someone, and lots more.

What most people don’t realize is that while they are taking a load off of their feet ( and minds), there are countless millions of living organisms leading their own busy lives underneath us.

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It’s true. Our upholstered furniture can contain pollen, allergens, dirt, dust mites, food particles, melted wax, lipstick, coffee spills, ink, blood, saliva, urine, drywall dust, bacteria, microbes, human dead skin, pet dander and much more. If your fabric gets damp, it can foster the growth of mold, and mildew as well! Sometimes, your furniture will smell dirty, or musty. Other times, it will look and feel dirty. Many times however, there will be no smell, or dirty appearance at all.

Question: “What kinds of furniture are most likely to have germs, and bacteria living in it?”

Answer: Any furniture that has woven fabric, and upholstery, is likely to need cleaning on a regular basis. This can include bed mattresses, pillows, sofas, recliners, throw pillows, comforters, chaise lounges, bar stools, home theater seats, pet beds, cushions, car seats, and even patio furniture.

Question: “Can’t I just vacuum my furniture, and get it just as clean?”

Answer: Periodic vacuuming of your furniture is a good habit to get into. Unfortunately, this is not a cure-all for getting rid of dust mites, bacteria, and other allergy causing irritants. What regular home cleaning is good for is to keep your furniture fabric, cleaner longer between professional cleaning sessions. Home vacuuming, and spot cleaning alone, will not remove the tiny, living microbes that can cause skin irritations, and breathing problems in people, and pets alike.

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Question: “What cleaning methods do Los Angeles County Carpet Cleaning Experts use to get my upholstered furniture super clean, and fresh smelling?”

Answer: We treat each upholstered piece differently. There is no one size fits all cleaning treatment, or method. We would treat a rare wall hanging, or tapestry much differently than we would a floor cushion, or a dog bed. Our company mainly utilizes hot water extraction, dry foam cleaning, and steam cleaning. As a rule, we test clean each piece before we commence to clean the whole thing.

Bring new shine, and old brightness back to your upholstered furniture with a professional upholstery cleaning from the fabric specialists at Carpet Cleaning Experts in Los Angeles. Call us for free estimates, or with any questions about our service. We promise you will fall in love with your furniture all over again!

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